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SiriusXM Issue: Grandfather Package

So I had an issue with my SiriusXM radio today. Since I have been living and working in New York City in Feb. 2014, I had change my SiriusXM Radio package from the premium and traffic and weather and dropped the package to it's SiriusXM Basic Plus package. At the time that I switched, the premium package and traffic was all the channels plus sports extra and traffic and the basic plus package included just all the channels and no sports or traffic. This was not needed since I was going to be living in the city.

For over 3 years, I had no issues with the system in my car. Every time that I came to use it or the family use it all the channels were there. In December of 2016, I got an email saying that I was able to renew my package at a special grandfather service rate since I been on the same package for a long time. This was a no brainer. Renewal complete. In May and I didn't even notice, they sent an email saying that packages, channels, and rates were changing. During that time up to today, all my premium channels worked.

At 6pm today, after going to a movie that started at 4pm, I got in my car for the quick 20 minute drive home to listen to one of my favorite channels.

You need a subscription to listen to this channel. Please call our support page.

Umm.. this was odd. Nothing has changed. I have never called or gotten an email saying that my package changed. Logging into my account online later on, I confirmed that my package was still the same and also still at the same rate as before.

During the ride back, I gave SiruisXM a call with my lovely Mom who I spent the weekend with home. Then all hell broke loose. 6 different people said that my package didn't include the channel I wanted to listen to, and that I would need to upgrade my service. We both tried explaining to them, that grandfathered packages and pricing does not get changed during it's subscription term which is 1 year. After being on the phone for over an hour, and getting to a "Manager" (hoping they would solve the issue, and they didn't) and I was already back home, they hung up on me because I know I am right, and they are just trying to stall because on August 17th they are changing their channel lineups or changing they scheme. During the last few days or day, someone or some automated system at SiruisXM Radio flagged my account and switched it to disable my channels that I had the ability to listen too. Now, I know computers. I know someone had to make the decision to make this change on their side.

So tomorrow I will call again once more and then try to get to the "General Manager" or someone else that will listen because apparently the staff in the call center on Sunday nights does not know about grandfather clause.

a clause exempting certain classes of people or things from the requirements of a piece of legislation affecting their previous rights, privileges, or practices.

This is going to be a battle for 4 days before they completely mess me up or they are going to have to bump my package to the higher tier for free for the rest of the year. That would have solved all the issues tonight. Instead of customer care, I might try the sales department as I might have better luck with them. More updates to follow on this story.



Shane is the founder and author of 'the rabbit hole'. By day, Shane is a System and Network Engineer living and working in the NYC area. Free time includes movies, escaping to the non-tech world.

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