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The Moon is Real

Yes. You will start to see a moon in the header of the site. This moon rises or sets based of the moon on time in your sector. Working on some other parts of it over time, but this current version will work on August 21, 2017 when the eclipse is going to take place.

Now, will this should "what it looks like" on August 21, 2017? No. I am having trouble with some coloring of the sun during the phases of the sun going accross the sky. Otherwise enjoy the addtion of the moon during the day or night. :)

P.S. I looked at the sun yesterday with a pair of eclipse glasses and the sun is really tiny. I made the sun smaller than it was before hand.



Shane is the founder and author of 'the rabbit hole'. By day, Shane is a System and Network Engineer living and working in the NYC area. Free time includes movies, escaping to the non-tech world.

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