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Pardon me, can I ban Transgender Military Members?

What a weekend (and it's not over yet!). Lets start off with the awful Hurricane Harvey. Texas is still feeling to this hour. The area near Huston, will still be in the path of this deadly storm for another 72-hours. But our President seriously has no clue that this should even matter, right, or does he?

He choose this rabbit hole moment to kick off more controversy and each of them ticked me off in different ways.

  • The Pardon of Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • Ban on Transgender Military member from our Armed Forces

It never actually thought he wouldn't do these things, he's such a predictable fool, but to do it during a national crisis? And I thought Charlottesville, VA response was bad. At least he tried to fix it.

Pardoning the former sheriff cements his legacy that he is a bigot and a fascist. This can not be walked back or taken back. Once a pardon is given it is there for life. So there is no talking point that I can think of that will ever make this be forgotten. The Latino Community of Arizona should band together and hurt the GOP where it will hurt the most: The US Senate seat currently being held by Sen. Flake (R-AZ).

Jeff Flake's Tweet does nothing to show me that he cares that his residents of his State were targeted by a man who abused his power. If he was so angry, like a vast majority of us are, he should be asking the AZ Attorney General to file State charges against the former sheriff for something that puts him under State charges where President Trump can not touch the outcome.

The second item is the ban on Transgender Military members. Now we know that Trump did his sweeping announcement via Twitter (Why are we accepting Twitter as a platform of record?) a few weeks ago, but according to the news reports they were trying to figure out how to overcome any "legal" challenges.

There is not many times that I can recall that the ACLU has even lost a case, but seeing how they won most cases against Trump so far, I am betting huge that the ACLU will stop this dead in it's tracks come Monday. We are too civilized of a nation, under a nation of laws (and apparently not order, but order nevertheless) to even have this as an issue after Obergefell v. Hodges? This case is just like Loving vs. Virginia where a unprotected class was put at risk just because of who they were and how they wanted to express themselves. The agreement for this ban is “the military is not a social experiment”. What experiment? This is done in today’s society in the open that is made up of members of the Military and political community. If you mention the cost for these individuals medication and doctors visits, who by the way, are willing to sacrifice their lives to keep our country safe, is basically saying their life means nothing compared to the life of someone who isn’t transgender. It’s just wrong.

Oh and even a side note tonight. Trump says he wants to visit Texas after the storm passes. He still hasn’t visited Charlottesville, VA yet and certain members of the Texas Congressional Delegation (Yes, I am talking to you Green Eggs and Ham Filibuster.) wants money so bad from the Federal government and didn’t want to vote for it for Super Storm Sandy. Yeah. Real classy. I live in New York City now, and I have friends in the effected areas, and I want our government at all times equally pay to all citizens to get their lives back in order.



Shane is the founder and author of 'the rabbit hole'. By day, Shane is a System and Network Engineer living and working in the NYC area. Free time includes movies, escaping to the non-tech world.

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