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America's Got Talent, Season 12

So this year was the first year that I started watching America's Got Talent. This season that just ended, Season 12, there was several great performances that stood out for me.

  • Darci Lynn - 12 Years Old, Shyness
  • Mandy Harvey - 29 Years Old, Deaf
  • Light Balance - A group from a war torn country, Ukraine

What does each of these three have in common? All of them have gone through amazing transformation this season and they each got the Golden Buzzer award.

Darci Lynn

When she first walked on stage in the auditions, she mixed her humor and displayed humor to help her introduce herself to the judges. Once she started her act she grew confidence, coming out of that "rabbit hole" that she's been stuck in. For each stubsenenquene performance, she became more and more confident.

Mandy Harvey

For some background, I went to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) for 2-years. So I know what the deaf students at RIT were treated like. People would set off the fire alarm in their building causing it to strobe light, just like a Christmas. What jerks. People who are deaf still are human beings, they just listen differently than everyone else.

Mandy's performance was also flawless. (I could say one hiccup at 03:18-19 in the video below, but read on.) Mandy came out confidence that she knew she could sing. She was singing before she became deaf. But how does one prepare for the heightened emotions from signing in front of a large crowd when all you see is clapping, but no sound that helps with that emotion? Trust me... it's hard and she made it look easy.

You could tell by Simon's face that this was special and it was. Mandy, you go girl. No disability should never stop you from getting your dream.

Light Balance

This group of men and their families, have had many problems in their life. Just living, let alone getting out to be known. Yes, they were on Britain Got Talent and got to the semi-finals, but what the British didn’t see that the American crowd did, is that they overcame so much to put on this type of show week in and week out, just is a tribuite to their reliance just like the people of Ukraine are doing on an minute by minute basis.

So what does this have to do with this site? Well... I think America got the top three wrong. Darci should have still clearly won, but Mandy and Light Balance should have rounded out the top three in this order. Everyone has to overcome something. I get it. But look at what these three did not only to their physical state to get on America’s Got Talent finale, but their emotional state to preform and earn 1st round golden buzzers. You should get extra votes just for that if you make it to the finale.

Hats off to my top 3. You killed it! I will go to any one of their performance when their show dates appear. I mean, I already got Mandy's song Try in my iTunes Library.



Shane is the founder and author of 'the rabbit hole'. By day, Shane is a System and Network Engineer living and working in the NYC area. Free time includes movies, escaping to the non-tech world.

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