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So hello there! So about three+ months ago, I started dating this wonderful woman, Jessica. She is really great and since we been spending a lot of time together I got into cooking with her during some evenings on the weekend instead of the normal take-out/delivery from the restaurants galore in the Brooklyn area. So tonight we cooked a new meal, Ratatouille. Now you are all thinking of the movie Ratatouille style meal. We sorta did something similar.

Linguini and Collete

After an oven functioning problem in my apartment, I scoured the net for a stove top Ratatouille dish. I found this one and it was well.... GOOD! We improved on a few things. Tomato sauce, no salt, no bay leaves, added sausages to the final "simmer" portion, and served over corn chips. In any case, it was very good. Jessica and I are great cooks. As our third creation (2nd combined effort) we haven't had food poisoning yet. Always a positive step! :)



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